Challenging Minds is a nonprofit, which was created by Dr. John Hamilton.  The programming and services are led by John and Ramona Hamilton.  The purpose of Challenging Minds is to build universal knowledge to support historically underrepresented youth with an emphasis on BIPOC students. We believe that the source of this development is within the individuals and organizations we serve. Our goal is to provide information and services to various organizations, professionals, parents, and other stakeholders who are in need of innovative techniques and solutions to assist students to be successful in and outside of the classroom. More importantly, it is our goal to provide accessible resources to students in K-12, entering college, and beyond.

We use various approaches in consulting, training, and mentoring the organizations, professionals, parents, and students we work with which produce results. Challenging Minds believes all students can be successful. More importantly, we believe that students can excel academically and socially.

Moreover, our goal is to inspire a nation of the positivity students of color project.  This is organized through our feature stories or interviews, informative news from various genres (i.e. national, community, politics, entertainment, etc.), and sharing diverse mediums (i.e. pictures, memes, and videos) to empower students.

Lastly, Challenging Minds was established to provide a platform for individuals and organizations to share their resources across the country, which will assist historically, underrepresented youth and African American males specifically.

Challenging Minds is built on the following four pillars:

  • To empower those who we engage.
  • Build cultural and social capital with all of our stakeholders in the efforts of them supporting each other.
  • Challenge our stakeholders to think critically.
  • Identify teachable/coachable moments in the individuals’ or organizations’ strengths and opportunities for growth.

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