Why Do We Need More Minority Teachers? Because Students Give Them Higher Marks

In the past few decades, research has provided compelling reasons for increasing the number of minority teachers in the classroom, such as that it could improveminority students’ academic performance. Now, a study out Wednesday adds a fresh reason to the mix: All students ― regardless of race ― might simply like these teachers better.


The study by New York University professors set out to determine if middle school students tended to prefer black, Latino or white teachers. To find the answer, researchers used raw data from a 2009–2010 survey funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and applied their own statistical analyses.  

The results surprised the researchers. As it turns out, all students, including white ones, gave their black and Latino teachers better scores in a range of areas ― such as their ability to challenge and care for them ― than they gave their white teachers. 

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