@SerenaWilliams Stands Up Against #DomesticViolence

The role financial abuse plays in keeping women trapped in abusive relationships is often overlooked.

A recent report, “The Status of Black Women in the United States,” found that although Black women have high labor participation and voting rates, at all educational levels, Black women are concentrated in lower paying jobs.

Relatedly, close to half (41.2 percent) of Black women experience physical violence by an intimate partner during their lifetime. The report also states that more than half of multiracial women and Native American women have experienced domestic violence as well.

These rates are higher than for white women (30.5 percent), Latinas (29.7 percent), and Asian/Pacific Islander women (15.3 percent).

“Domestic or intimate partner violence is a cycle of violence in which one individual seeks to dominate and control another through psychological, sexual, economic, and/or physical abuse,” the report states.

Tennis superstar Serena Williams is on a mission to end not only domestic or intimate partner violence against women but also economic abuse.

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