Diversity, Engagement, Hip Hop Are Keys To Connecting With Gen Z

REVOLT announced a new research study, Gen Z & The Engagement Economy, which explores the broadest measurement of Gen Z's media usage to date – from music streaming services, emerging social and OTT video platforms, to eSports participation; how Gen Z is using social differently, and what marketers can do to better engage them.

REVOLT tapped into their 50,000 person panel, surveying consumers in urban, suburban and rural areas across the country to fully understand where to find and how to engage this influential next generation.

"This research strengthens REVOLT and our partners' ability to do more in our marketing than simply make an impression," said Mike Roche, REVOLT EVP Sales & Partnerships"We've unlocked critical insights to drive attention and engagement surrounding the content we produce with brands," Roche added.

The study goes on to explore the future of Multicultural Marketing through the lens of consumer segmentation within Hip Hop fandom. The insights further REVOLT's audience development strategy, and support marketing partners in their efforts to connect with Gen Z.

"A third of Gen Z tells us "Hip Hop" is the genre they relate to the most – a sensibility that holds true across race and ethnicity," said Jake Katz, REVOLT VP of Insights and Strategy.

Gen Z & The Engagement Economy dives into key areas including:

Diversity Is The New Normal: The study found that half of Gen Z – in urban, suburban, and rural settings – describes having a social circle that is diverse. Multiculturalism is the world they've come of age in, and forms their pop culture sensibility.

Engagement Behavior, The New CTA: While Gen Z is everywhere in digital, the survey ranked dominant communication behavior across the social landscape, enabling marketers to design more engaging campaigns by knowing exactly what behavior underpins the engagement of every platform – from commenting to chatting, uploading to viewing, liking to sharing.

Creator Culture In Gender: The study asked Gen Z about their preferences from a creator standpoint, and the results showed that between guys and girls there are significant differences in how content is being created and shared across YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

For more information on the Gen Z & Engagement Economy study visit: https://revolt.tv/stories/2017/05/11/gen-engagement-economy-06006f1f32

REVOLT's Cultural insights work comes from an internal agency, called New Rules. New Rules provides a full custom research menu of services, and makes its research accessible via a monthly trend report called Field Notes and a Stat of the Week newsletter.

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