CA Charter Schools Beating the Odds


California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) released its fifth "Portrait of the Movement" report. The 2017 report echoes prior research and highlights strong outcomes among charter schools serving California's historically disadvantaged students.

"This report shows that California charter schools continue to beat the odds by helping their students achieve at higher levels than their peers in traditional public schools," said Jed Wallace, president and CEO, CCSA. "Year after year we see charter schools in California using their freedom and flexibility to deliver results for students that surpass expectations."

Overall, this report reveals California's charter public schools are successfully striving towards full implementation of Common Core, and continue to outperform traditional public schools at disproportionately high numbers. Charter school trends in performance are stable since the transition from the Academic Performance Index (API), as charters continue to positively serve the most historically disadvantaged and vulnerable students. The 2017 Portrait of the Movement documents that charters are achieving academic success across various student demographic groups and geographies, and within different charter school types. At the same time, the report identifies areas of focus as the sector has further to go in meeting the academic needs of all students, because there are still too many under performing charter schools in the state.

"Though charters still educate a relatively small proportion of California's students (9% in 2015-16), they are having a disproportionate impact on student learning," said Elizabeth Robitaille, SVP Achievement and Performance Management, CCSA. "Seventeen percent of California's charter schools are in the top tenth of performance statewide on a Similar Schools Measure and nearly a third of all California charters are in the top quartile. Each year more and more families are choosing charter schools as they seek a quality public school option that will meet their student's unique needs."

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