Barack Obama Will Return To National Stage For Award Honoring JFK’s 100th Birthday

President Obama has kept a low profile since leaving office in January, he will soon take the national stage and accept the Centennial John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage. This spring, Obama will be rewarded for a career of “grace under pressure” and “exceptional dignity and courage,” reported Buzzfeed.

Obama will receive the honor during the special 100th anniversary of Kennedy’s birth.

The selection process for this award involved 14 members of a bipartisan committee coming together and deciding that Obama will receive the honor. Obama will only be the third president to receive the award. Whereas past presidents were awarded for a specific action, Obama will be awarded for an “entire life that was really a testament to courage,” said Bloomberg View columnist Al Hunt.

During the special event, held on May 7, Barack Obama will deliver a speech at Boston’s John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.


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