All of this…. Thank You LaVar Ball (@Lavarbigballer, @ZO2_, @bigballerbrand)

After months of a worldwind with trying to determine whether LaVar Ball would get a branding contract for his superstar UCLA standout Lonzo Ball, LaVar has taken matters into his own hands.  He has showed many whether you like LaVar or not, branding comes at a cost.  If you do not take risk on yourself at the end you will lose in the end.  LaVar Ball's Big Ball Brand debuted last week without the partnership of Nike, Adidas, or Under Armor.  He has sold over 2 million dollars of what some will say are overpriced shoes.  We laugh at Lavar Ball, but people laughed at Steve Jobs. 

As I was surfacing Facebook, I ran across a post from one of my fraternity brothers (Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.), Anthony League.  I think for many Anthony puts a lot of things in perspective; especially for Black males.  Please read and share your thoughts.

All of this…. Thank You LaVar Ball:

– For being a present dad in your Sons' lives
– For figuring out how to get three Black Males into UCLA (well they light ass hell but you know what I mean) at a time where it's hard as hell to get into UCLA and be Black.
– For opening up your own business on your own terms
– For believing
– For making Black America have this discussion and using their mindset to spread your Brand
– For staying on the porch when folks tell you "…get of that porch … you know masssah don't won't you on dat porch…" that's for you sands OG Ice
– For being established and not having to take the "deal" or "money grab" like the countless lottery picks before your Son have done.


*Please note: Black America think you shouldn't be loud or apart of your Son's life, you are ruining their chances and hurting their money. Black America wants you to stand down and be humble (I think K.Dot wrote a song about it … Nappy Roots album is better but that's another story).

I'm sorry black America is so against you and want your Son's to have a Black single mom that Lonzo would have to ink a deal with one of the big three so he could be just like the Negros before him.

I'm sorry we don't believe in Black but rather people have to be "proven" / "established" / "done something". Hell, you guys ain't the only one… these same people will hire / promote someone other than someone that looks like them; most often because you ain't ready / you need more experience/ it might look bad. Black America's issue Is internal Sorry you are the most recent victim of it.

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