Profound Photos From Black Women At The Women’s March

From Black Voices: Black women showed out at women’s marches around the world on Saturday with some ridiculously profound signage.  While some women of color expressed mixed feelings over the march and chose not to attend, those who did made sure to send powerful messages. From calling on white women to take accountability for the […]

Why Do We Need More Minority Teachers? Because Students Give Them Higher Marks

In the past few decades, research has provided compelling reasons for increasing the number of minority teachers in the classroom, such as that it could improveminority students’ academic performance. Now, a study out Wednesday adds a fresh reason to the mix: All students ― regardless of race ― might simply like these teachers better.   The […]

Chance The Rapper: “I’m Not Afraid Of A Trump Presidency

As his friend Barack Obama prepares to leave the office of President of the United States, Chance The Rapper says he is “not afraid” of what’s to come as Donald Trump steps into the role of Commander in Chief. In a cover story for GQ, the Chicago MC explains why he has confidence that the world will not end when the […]

Where Have California’s Black College Students Gone?

From The Sacramento Bee: Robert Terry is unsure of his next step. Since graduating from Sacramento’s Sheldon High School in May, the 18-year-old has been working and weighing the options for continuing his education. African Americans were vastly overrepresented at major for-profit chains like Heald College and ITT Tech, which closed in September.Jessica Hice Terry […]